Medan Is Amazing City For Golf And Holidays

For those of you who are confused about spending the weekend this time, why not just try playing Golf? This is one of the exclusive sports of your choice while at the same time just freeing yourself from the business activities throughout Sunday.

Why are golf sports classified as elite and expensive sports? There is an assumption that golf only belongs to people from wealthy groups. This assessment develops along with the reality of golf enthusiasts who generally come from executives, officials or entrepreneurs. So far, people may still find it difficult to distinguish whether golf is part of a hobby, achievement or prestige.

How not, just imagine how much money must be spent to make an elegant golf course or golf course. Besides the care of grass, holes, rivers or lakes that are used as obstacles, and trees, it is not an easy matter. That’s why, golf sports enter into exclusive sports and only wealthy people are able to do golf regularly.

In addition to the expensive golf course factors, golf play equipment is no less expensive. For once playing golf, you must provide several golf sticks consisting of iron, wood and putter. Each stick certainly has its own function in golf.

If you really intend to pursue this hobby, golf equipment is a part of Medan Golf Package that must be owned by fans of outdoor sports. One of the shops in Medan City that sells golf equipment in full, is Sport Station. In this shop, you can find a variety of major equipment for playing golf plus accessories that you are ready to take to the golf course which is quite widely available in the city of Medan.

Moreover, until July 15, various promos are offered specifically by stores that have many branches in Indonesia to those who love golf. Discounts offered for all golf equipment are quite tempting, ranging from 15 to 70 percent.