Lake Toba Tour – The distance from Medan to Bukit lawang is about 3 hours driving. And from Kuala namu international airport about 3h 35 minutes. Medan is the capital city of North sumatra province as the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya.

Bukit Lawang nature tourism is a mainstay in Leuser because it has the attraction of rare semi-wild Sumatran Orangutan animals and panoramic views of tropical rainforests. Bukit Lawang or better known as the Sumatran Orangutan Observation Center is in the Bukit Lawang Plantation Village, Bahorok Langkat North Sumatra. This area has an area of ​​200 hectares.

A Place For Orang Utans Rehabilitation

Initially Bukit Lawang was an orangutan rehabilitation center. But along with its development, this area developed into the Sumatran Orangutan Observation Center or Viewing Center . At present Bukit Lawang is a mainstay tourist attraction in North Sumatra that is crowded with domestic and foreign tourists.

Reaching Bukit Lawang can be reached by road trip from Medan City, North Sumatra. Continue through Binjai City by public transportation through the Pinang Baris Medan bus terminal. Can also be taken using a private vehicle with a travel time of about 2.5 hours from the city of Medan.

Facilities at Bukit Lawang include natural nuanced tourist lodges with rates varying between Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 500,000 per night. Other tourist facilities available in the form of restaurants, camping ground, feeding sites, and ferry boats to the Leuser area. At Bukit Lawang there are many experienced local tour guides available. For visitors who need a guide during an adventure in Leuser, Bukit Lawang Leuser Park Wildlife In Sumatra Indonesia, you can contact the Bukit Lawang Indonesian Guides Association or the local travel agency in Medan.